Some time ago, I bought a KlikAanKlikUit set which contains a remote control and three sockets. It operates on 433Mhz.  I also have a cheap 433Mhz transmitter/receiver set from Ebay. With these cheap antenna’s, it is possible to make an extra remote control, which can be controlled from an Arduino.

KlikAanKlikUit remote control and socket.
Cheap 433Mhz transmitter and receiver antennas.
Cheap 433Mhz transmitter and receiver antennas.


In order to use the cheap transmitters, the protocol must be known. I hooked up a logic analyser to the cheap receiver to pick up signals from the original remote.

Output captured while pressing the top-left ON button.
Output captured while pressing the top-left ON button. This can be decoded as 221322132122232221223222132132212

Each message consists of a start-pulse and a series of numbers represented by the number of pulses in a shorter sequence. I only decoded the following messages:

CH1 ON:  221322132122232221223222132132212
CH3 ON:  221322132122232221223222132132131
CH3 OFF: 221322132122232221223222132222131


  • Pulses are approx. 0.225 ms long.
  • Between pulses of same ‘number’: Approx. 0.38 ms
  • Start with single pulse follwed by 2.722 ms
  • Each ‘number’ is followed by a delay of 1.32 ms.

Example code

An example of flashing channel 3 with an Arduino is found on my github page.

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