Heineken Speakerkratje Bluetooth Upgrade

5 Dec

Heineken sells this speakerkratje for just under 10 euros. It has a nifty audio amplifier based on inductance from your phones speaker. For no good reason I decided to add a bluetooth receiver.


This is the speakerkratje:

Heineken speakerkratje

The bottom can be opened up with a plastic pasje. This is on the inside:

Inside of the speakerkratje
Inside of the speakerkratje (picture from here)

Bluetooth chip

The bluetooth module is the XS3868, available from banggood for under 4 euro.

XS3868 Bluetooth Module
XS3868 Bluetooth Module


Connect pin 16 (Agnd) and 31 (gnd) to ground. Pin 29 (vbat) to the battery. Pin 19 (Aleft) should be connected to the following spot on the PCB inside the speakerkratje:

Audio connection in the speakerkratje
Audio connection in the speakerkratje

The other connections are beuned like this:

Bluetooth module connected to speakerkratje
Bluetooth module connected to speakerkratje


So this works quite well. The sound quality is similar then when connected to another amplifier with other speaker. However, there is noticeable high frequency noise (low volume) which you will hear especially when the music is idle. I think this is only due to the Bluetooth module.  It should also be possible to connect an audio jack in the same way. The speakerkratje will amplify the signal.

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