STM32CubeMX, CMake and QtCreator

8 Feb

This is a short walk-through to setup a build configuration for STM32 projects using cmake and QtCreator. STM32CubeMX on Linux The STM32CubeMX software is available for Linux now! (last time I checked it was only for Windows). Download and install … Read More »

PixRacer on Blade 130X Helicopter

9 Aug

The ultimate goal of this project is to make a fully autonomous Blade 130X helicopter using PX4 firmware. The autopilot of choice is the PixRacer, because the form-factor is relatively small and it’s the next generation pixhawk autopilot. PixRacer The … Read More »

DIY Soldering Station Part 1/2

15 Dec

I’m still using my 20$ soldering station which I use since I got started with electronics. Now it’s time for an upgrade. Weller® quality is exceptional, but also exceptionally expensive. Some guys designed an open source Weller® soldering station which … Read More »